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New age Digital Locker with Electronic Signature

Store, Organize, Sign and Send Documents on the go.

Legally Valid Under IT Act 2008 and no need to send physical document.

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How it works?

Store. Organize. Manage. Sign. Access your documents at one place

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Do away from the hassles of using physical documents.

Self-attest documents online

Access important documents anytime. anywhere

Easy sharing of documents with Banks, Mutual funds,
     Govt. Agencies, Corporates etc.

Online Secure backup of documents

Features & Benefits


Flexibility to self attest documents using two modes of signing i.e. eSign as well as conventional digital signature. Valid under IT Act 2008.


Share vital documents to anyone (Banks, Mutual funds, Govt. Agencies, Corporate etc.) with ease.


Securely store all your personal documents at one place. You can even import e-documents from Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.


Sort, manage and organise all your e-documents by tagging document to category for easy retrieval.


Search, View, Download, Sign, Manage and Send e-documents to anyone from anywhere and anytime.


Using globally accepted PKI standards for securely storing your documents.

Our Pricing

Registration Fee Initial Offer - Free*
Document Storage Space Initial Offer - Free*
No. of eSign Based Signatures Initial Offer - Free*
No. of Document Uploads Unlimited
No. of Document Downloads Unlimited
No. of Document Sharing Unlimited
* Valid for three months

Who Are We?

Relevance is the name of the game in a constantly evolving technological era. It is certainly at the forefront of everything we do at eMudhra, and the culture that is manifested in our employees, processes, and solutions. At eMudhra, we strive to stay relevant in the PKI and online security space by optimizing a market-based approach to drive solutions that address our customers’ financial and statutory needs. Founded in 2008 from the seed of digital signatures, eMudhra has since grown to establish strong roots in secure banking, and other consumer and corporate oriented solutions.

At the base of our growth lies our strong credentials as a Certifying Authority in India and Mauritius, our ISO 27001 certified processes, a strong corporate culture focusing on good corporate governance practices, and an innovative team of employees and leaders with an aptitude for strong vision and a hunger for perfection. The determination and perseverance of our team has pioneered untiring innovation as evident in solutions such as SWYSKey and Digicard digital signature tokens, eMAS digital signature server, and many other valuable and relevant solutions easing our customers’ daily lives.

Our vision to be the 'First choice' of our customers in our chosen verticals is pillared by our relationship oriented philosophy. At eMudhra, we value and nurture relationships no matter how big or small. Hence, we have imbibed a strong support-oriented approach to ensure that the minds of our customers are always at ease. To this end, we ensure that our strong technological and infrastructural support stays one-step ahead of our growth so as to ensure customer satisfaction to the best of our abilities.

It is this customer-centric approach that helps us understand today’s customer and enables us to ‘Focus and Differentiate’ so that we may constantly add value to customers’ lives in as many ways as possible.

Contact Us

Want to know more about how emLocker can serve you? Reach us at:

eMudhra Limited.

3rd Floor, Sai Arcade, Outer Ring Road,
Devarabeesanahalli, Bangalore - 560103, Karnataka, India
CIN – U72900KA2008PLC060268